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I have always had dogs when I was growing up.  In fact my Grandfather, (God rest his soul), used to kid me 
saying that I must have been made out of honey because dogs always gravitated towards me,  whether or not they were someone's pets or strays.   
Almost 36 years ago, I had the pleasure of getting my first Golden Retriever, Krystal.  That was when my love for the breed started.  When Krystal was about 10 years old, I was so in love with the breed that I decided to buy another Golden to replace my little Sheltie, (who was Krystal's companion), that I had lost to old age.  My new husband, Tom, and I attended a dog show and that was when we got hooked on shows.   Tom, after attending the show, decided that he wanted to show Goldens.  I must say that we had a lot of fun and were nurtured along the way by Barb Clark, of Indian Acres, who was the breeder of my second Golden, Kate-Lynn.   Barb is gone now, but from this wonderful Lady, I obtained an abundance of information about the breed.  She was always there to answer any questions and lend her expertise.  From Barb, we also bought our 3rd Golden, Kara, who we showed and who was our foundation Bitch.
Kara my foundation Bitch



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