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Because of the dramatically rising costs of my vet and expenses , I have been forced to raise the price for my puppies.
But in all do respect, my puppy prices are still reasonable considering the pedigrees behind my dogs, the health clearances or pre-lims that I get for my dogs and the care (24/7) that I give to each and every puppy that is born here.
The cost for a Pet [AKC limited registration] is:
Havanese - $1500
Golden Retriever - $1500
Non-refundable deposit amounts for either one is $300
The cost for a Show [AKC full registration], which I occasionally sell is:
Havanese - $2000
Golden Retriever - $2000

You can submit your deposit by check or I will accept paypal for the deposit amount $312 (reflecting the 4% that paypal charges me). The deposit is non-refundable, and final payment is cash only .

If you are sending a check as a deposit...I will hold the puppy not more than 4 (working) days for your check to arrive. I think that is a reasonable amount of time for a check to arrive at its destination.

If it would be easier on you, I would also accept installments on the puppy while it is with me, with the final payment in cash when picked up.

I will only accept CASH on the puppy balance at the time of pick up.

My PayPal amounts reflect the 4% paypal service charges.


Golden & Havanese Puppies



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