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Lina's Previous Babies
Purple Girl below HOLLY Havoc                                                
Holly with new Mom
                                           Holly 7 months old
                                  Holly 7 months old
Pink Girl below MIKI staying here
                    My Miki at 9 wks old
        11 wks                                                              11 wks                                                           12 wks
                                           Miki 7 months old
Miki 7 months old
Dark Blue Boy below  TAZ

                                                                                  Taz with new Dad
       11 wks                                                              11 wks                                                  12 wks
Green Boy below SHAMUS                                                              
   Shamus 5 months old                                        8 months old 
Red Boy below MOE
                                                                   with new family
12 wks old
LT Blue boy below Sammie  
                                                                   4 months old                

 Sammie 8 months old
Purple Girl (Chaos)
6 weeks old                       7.5 weeks old
                                                   Chaos 3 months old
                                                          Chaos 1 year old
                                                      Chaos 1 year old
Lt. Pink Girl (Scout)
I was told she ran in the road and got killed 

7.5 weeks old                                  11 weeks old


Dk. Pink Girl (Dagger)
6 weeks old                                 7.5 weeks old
                                                               Dagger 3 months old
 Dagger 3 months old
                                           Dagger 1 year old
                                            Dagger 1 year old
Lt. Blue Boy (Griffin)
6 weeks old                               7.5 weeks old
                               Griffin 11 weeks old
 Griffin 15 months old
Dk. Blue Boy (Buddy)
6 weeks old                          7.5 weeks old
 Buddy 10 weeks old                               3 months old
  Buddy 5 months old                                           Buddy 1 year old
Green Boy (Enzo)
6 weeks old                            7.5 weeks old
 Enzo 3 months old
Enzo 4.5 months old
Navy Blue boy REESE
 Reese 8 wks old                         Reese 1 year old
Green boy COOPER
Cooper 8 wks old                        
      Cooper 8 months old
 Cooper 1.5 years old
Red boy AYDEN
Ayden 8 wks old                                                
          Ayden 10 months old
Ayden 19 months old
LT. Blue boy WINSTON
Winston 8 wks old                             
                       Winston 1 yr old

 Purple girl CASSIE
 Cassie 8 wks old                    
                Cassie 1 year old
Magenta girl FIONA
Fiona 8 wks old                                    1 year old

Lt Pink girl LULU
Lulu 8 wks old                       1 year
    1 year                                                    1 year
Dk Pink girl SAVANNAH
Savannah 8 wks old                        1 year
Seamus 7 weeks old
                   1 year old

LS male MAC
Mac 7 weeks old                   Mac 3 months old
Ty MacArthur 7 weeks old
     Mac 14 months old
LH male SULLY 
Sully 7 weeks old                            
                       Sully   6 months old                                 
Monty 7 weeks old         
Monty 4 months old
RS female KATIE  staying at Panins
Katie 8 weeks old                           1 year old
LS female DAISY LU
Daisy Lu 7 weeks old
Daisy  Lu 3 months old
RH female EMMA
Emma 7 weeks old                Emma 4 months old
Emma 3 months old      Emma 3 and a half mo.

Mack 7 wks old                      
                Mack 4 months old
Mack 8 months old
  Maci Mae 7 weeks old                4 mo. old
5 months old
  Maya 7 weeks old             Maya 7 months old
                         Maya 1 year old
 Emmy Lu 7 weeks old
       Emmy Lu   6 months old
Emmy Lu 10 months old
Molly 7 weeks old
 Molly 1 year old
2 years old

  Jenni 7 weeks old                     Jenni 8 months old
Scout 7 weeks old
                          Scout 8 months old
 Josie 7 weeks old                       Josie 8 months old
My Sera out of Lina/Adam she lives here at Panin's  18 months old

Duncan                                       Murphy                                             Jackson
     Ella 2 years old                                                                                      Bailey    1 yr                                                                                         Sadie 1 yr
Willow 3 years old


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