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Lina's Previous Babies
Purple Girl below HOLLY Havoc                                                
Holly with new Mom 
Pink Girl below MIKI staying here
                    My Miki at 9 wks old
        11 wks                                                              11 wks                                                           12 wks

Dark Blue Boy below  TAZ

                                                                                  Taz with new Dad
       11 wks                                                              11 wks                                                  12 wks
Green Boy below SHAMUS                                                              
                   with new mom and dad
  with new Mom                                                        in new home
Shamus with his new brother, Duncan, who is also a Lina/Adam son
Shamus 5 months old 
Red Boy below MOE
                                                                   with new family
12 wks old
Lt. Blue Boy below SAMMIE  belongs to Joan
                                                                                    with new family
Sammie 4 months old 
Purple Girl (Chaos)
6 weeks old                       7.5 weeks old
                                                   Chaos 3 months old
Lt. Pink Girl (Scout)
I was told she ran in the road and got killed 

7.5 weeks old                                  11 weeks old


Dk. Pink Girl (Dagger)
6 weeks old                                 7.5 weeks old
                                                               Dagger 3 months old
 Dagger 3 months old
Lt. Blue Boy (Griffin)
6 weeks old                               7.5 weeks old
Griffin with mom and dad in new home
                                                              Griffin 9.5 weeks old
                               Griffin 11 weeks old
Dk. Blue Boy (Buddy)
6 weeks old                          7.5 weeks old
 Buddy 10 weeks old                               3 months old
Buddy 4.5 months old
Green Boy (Enzo)
6 weeks old                            7.5 weeks old
 Enzo 3 months old
Enzo 4.5 months old
Navy Blue boy REESE
 Reese 8 wks old                        Reese with new family
 Reese 1 year old
Green boy COOPER
Cooper 8 wks old                        
      Cooper 8 months old
 Cooper 1.5 years old
Red boy AYDEN
Ayden 8 wks old                                                
          Ayden 10 months old
LT. Blue boy WINSTON
Winston 8 wks old                             
                       Winston 1 yr old

 Purple girl CASSIE
 Cassie 8 wks old                    
                Cassie 1 year old
Magenta girl FIONA
Fiona 8 wks old                                    1 year old

Lt Pink girl LULU
Lulu 8 wks old                       1 year
    1 year                                                    1 year
Dk Pink girl SAVANNAH
Savannah 8 wks old                        1 year
Seamus 7 weeks old
                   1 year old

LS male MAC
Mac 7 weeks old                   Mac 3 months old
Ty MacArthur 7 weeks old
     Mac 14 months old
LH male SULLY 
Sully 7 weeks old                            
                       Sully   6 months old                                 
Monty 7 weeks old         
Monty 4 months old
RS female KATIE  staying at Panins
Katie 8 weeks old                           1 year old
LS female DAISY LU
Daisy Lu 7 weeks old
Daisy  Lu 3 months old
RH female EMMA
Emma 7 weeks old                Emma 4 months old
Emma 3 months old      Emma 3 and a half mo.

Mack 7 wks old                      
                Mack 4 months old
Mack 8 months old
  Maci Mae 7 weeks old                4 mo. old
5 months old
  Maya 7 weeks old             Maya 7 months old
                         Maya 1 year old
 Emmy Lu 7 weeks old
       Emmy Lu   6 months old
Emmy Lu 10 months old
Molly 7 weeks old
 Molly 1 year old
2 years old

  Jenni 7 weeks old                     Jenni 8 months old
Scout 7 weeks old
                          Scout 8 months old
 Josie 7 weeks old                       Josie 8 months old
My Sera out of Lina/Adam she lives here at Panin's  18 months old

Duncan                                       Murphy                                             Jackson
     Ella 2 years old                                                                                      Bailey    1 yr                                                                                         Sadie 1 yr
Willow 3 years old


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