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   You have just purchased a healthy Golden Retriever puppy who was born on ________, litter #_______________, from the litter of __________________________. 


   "PANIN " will be used, as the prefix, in the AKC registered name of your puppy.  This puppy is sold to you as healthy, happy and of sound temperament.   In addition, your puppy is the result of selective breeding from parents with certified or prelim hip, eye, and heart clearances (SEE ATTACHMENTS).  This puppy is an excellent representative of the breed.  Your puppy has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and was found to be in sound health, free from any symptoms of contagious or infectious disease; it’s heart, eyes, lungs, ears, testicles and hips & patellas (upon movement) were normal. It was given it’s first puppy shot and has been wormed (SEE ATTACHMENTS). The most important thing you can do for the good health of your puppy is to complete the worming and vaccinations needed to ensure your puppy continues to enjoy good health. I can not guarantee total immunity for your puppy as the shot received is just one in a series that needs to be given.  The puppy is guaranteed against life threatening congenital or hereditary defects that develop within the first  18 (eighteen) months after birth.  This does not include obesity, colds, hypoglycemia, diarrhea, coccidia, worms, fleas, mites or other parasites, all of which are easily treated.  It does not include accidents, neglect, or abuse, nor does it cover any infectious disease after buyer takes delivery of the puppy.   All veterinarian costs are the responsibility of the buyer after the puppy leaves breeder’s property.


   Your puppy should be taken to a veterinarian of your choice at your expense within the first 3 business days from this contract date.  Failure to do so, will nullify the warranty portion of this contract.  If for any reason you the purchaser are not satisfied with the puppy within the 72 hour period, you may return it to me, the breeder, at your expense provided the puppy is in the same condition as when sold.  The purchaser will receive a replacement puppy from the next litter whelped, or a refund, minus the deposit, as decided upon by the breeder.


   Your puppy is sold under a limited AKC registration, and has to be spayed or neutered.  Therefore, it will be mutually agreed and understood by both parties that the male will be neutered after 18 (eighteen) months of age and the female spayed 4 weeks  after the completion of her first heat cycle, to insure that their growth has been complete, and to cut down on some health related issues caused by early neutering.   All sterilization shall be done at your expense.


   The sale of this puppy is subject to the rights and obligations of both the Breeder and Buyer as spelled out in Parts 1 & 11 of this contract and guarantee.


Your new puppy is guaranteed by the breeder as follows:


Part I



A)        The hips are guaranteed for up to 18 months as per the following. If the diagnosis is moderate to severe but non-crippling, 25% of the purchase price will be refunded.  The breeder will need documentation from a board certified veterinarian (OFA), stating the evaluation.  In cases of crippling dysplasia that would eventually result in euthanasia, a replacement puppy will be given. Again, documentation is needed.


   The guarantee on A  (crippling dysplasia) that would result in euthanasia, will be full replacement of the puppy within 18 (eighteen) months.  It is understood and agreed by the buyer that no money will be refunded if there is the availability of puppies within the 18 (eighteen)-month period.  If for some reason, the availability of a replacement puppy should be longer than 18 months, and the buyer does not want to wait that additional time, then he (or she) will be reimbursed the original cost of the puppy, minus the deposit.  Furthermore, it is understood and agreed by both parties that if the Purchaser elects to have surgery on the puppy, this is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser. If, for some reason, the buyer wants to keep the puppy instead of replacing it, then 25% of the original price (minus the depsosit) of the puppy will be refunded to the buyer.


Part II


   It is agreed and understood by both parties that the Buyer is responsible to abide by the following conditions:


A)    The Buyer will keep the puppy in trim weight and not over-feed it.  The puppy will have regular to moderate exercise and must not be subjected to exertion  that will place undue stress on developing hips and joints while under the age of 18 (eighteen) months.  Situations that should be avoided are: running across a slippery kitchen or hardwood floor, jumping on and off of things, being forced to keep up with someone running or jogging.  Some examples of moderate exercise that the puppy can partake in is, swimming, walking on a lead, running freely in a safe enclosed area or ball chasing.  I recommend feeding a good Puppy food for Large Breeds until 6 months of age, then switching to a good Adult Large Breed dog food.          


B)    The Buyer agrees to maintain this dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to, inoculation, internal and external parasites and prevention medication.  Veterinary records must be provided to breeder if requesting refund or replacement.   If any of the above preventative care has not been provided, health warranty will be void.


C)    That this puppy will participate in a course of obedience training with a facility of the Purchasers choosing, that it is understood for this dog to develop into the social companion for which it is intended, that training is necessary.


D)    The puppy, or as an adult, should never be tied or chained to any fixed object.  It should not be left outside for hours on end with no human interaction.  Goldens are people dogs and as such should be in the company of their care givers.  It should have a fenced-in yard or a constructed kennel-run to exercise in.


E)     The PURCHASER acknowledges that the BREEDER is NOT considered a USDA PET DEALER nor a BREEDER who sells directly to the Public 25 or more Animals per Year that are raised on the Breeders Residential Premises as defined by Article 35-D of the General Business Law of the State of New York and Article 26-A of the Agriculture and Markets Law of the State of New York, and is herby not bound by the Provisions thereof.


F)     If for any reason, other than stated herein, the Buyer is not able to keep this dog, the dog is not to be given away or sold or turned into a Humane Society. The BREEDER is to be contacted and given first right of refusal. The price shall not exceed the original selling price of the puppy.


I have sold you a puppy bred to the best of my ability, with a temperament that does justice to a Golden Retriever.  During its early weeks of life, it was nurtured and handled with lots of love.  I, in turn, expect the new owner, to continue giving it the love and attention that it deserves because I have a deep sense of responsibility towards its life.  In turn, you will be rewarded with a Golden Retriever that will give back to you love that knows no bounds.


This Sales Agreement, including all terms, conditions, and guarantees are accepted and understood fully by both parties.


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