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                 My first Golden, Krystal, 34 lyrs. ago                  Krystal, my first golden
              Krystal & Lassie 1987                                          Krystal at 10 yrs. old 2/23/1981 - 7/1993 
                            Krystal & Kate-Lynn  1991                                Kate-Lynn 7/3/1991 - 10/19/2002
Kate-Lynn Pedigree
                Kara, my foundation bitch at 8 mo. old                Kara 12/11/1992 - 7/25/2005
Kara's Pedigree
            Katchina, was out of Kara's first litter                         Katchina 4/7/1996 - 1/5/2008
Katchina's Pedigree
                  Megan 2/10/1999 - 3/24/2009                             Matthew  2/10/1999 - 11/19/2011
                   Megan & Matt above, are out of Katchina's only litter in which she had only 2 puppies.
Megan & Matthew's Pedigree
                            Miss Kandi at 12 wks old             Miss Kandi, sweet as sugar 5/28/1998 - 2/9/2006
Kandi's Pedigree
My second Krystal {my peanut girl}  9/15/1994 - 11/29/2006
Krystal's Pedigree
                         Some of my gang 12 yrs. ago all have passed on now.
The dogs below are out of Kara's second litter
             Kameo 11/07/1998 - 2/22/2008,  loved by me      My handsome Michael boy  11/07/1998 - 6/29/2009,
                                                                                                                           loved by me

       Peter J. 11/07/1998 -  6/12/2007, loved by me          Willow lived to be 12 yrs old  11/07/1998 - 11/25/2010,
                                                                                                                               loved by me
Michael, Kameo, Peter J, & Willow's Pedigree
The dogs below are out of Kara's 3rd and last litter

       Star 9/08/1999-5/2014 loved by Kathleen               Kaycee 9/08/1999-4/8/2014 loved by me
Riley  9/08/1999 - 6/16/2011  loved by Ann & Paul             Tater 9/08/1999 - 12/2011
         My beloved Big Guy, he was fighting a battle with   Cal  9/08/1999 - 11/20/2006, loved by Don & Anita 
         bone cancer when this picture was taken.  He had
         puppy strangles when he was 5 weeks old and it
         left him with a lot of scars. 9/08/1999 - 9/14/2010
Star, Big Guy, Cal, Riley, Tater & Kaycee's Pedigree
The dogs below are out of Kameo's only litter
Molly 3/17/03 - 5/30/11 loved by Pat & Billie               Lyni picture taken 9/20/11,     3/17/03 - 9/21/11
                                                                                        was my little girl, much loved & missed by me 
Fraizer and Niles  were 8 on 3/17/11 loved by Dee
Fraizer, Niles,Molly, & Lynni's Pedigree
 Anna-Mae is Willow's daughter  (4 yrs old ) when picture was taken 8/2010
Anna-Mae's Pedigree
                                                    Mr Mc Adam at 16 mo.  (my handsome lad)
Mr McAdam's Pedigree
Savanah at 6 months old                                                        Savanah at 21 months old   8-26-11
Savannah's Pedigree
         Georgia 13 months old 7-9-2011
Georgia's Pedigree
My Skipper-Rue, he was 3 when my Dad passed away, so I took him for my own. 5/15/1999-1/26/2012
Mia, was 8 in Sept. 2011
The pictures below are of Mia's daughters

                                      Isabella                                         Rose-Anna-Danna
Tobi picture taken 8/23/10                                                   Tobi picture taken 8/20/10
Tobi's Pedigree


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Pembridge Pocket Rocket

Twins Ace Of Spades

Ch Noblegold Twins Diamond Chip
Ch Liveoak's Be-Bop Baby
Justa's Jessica Noble Ch Destiny's Noble Brutus
Justa's Salt And Pepper
Kellies Hava Lizzy

Ch Twin's Night Drifter Ch Noblegold Twins Diamond Chip
Twin's Justa One More Time
Justa's Jessica Noble Ch Destiny's Noble Brutus
Justa's Salt And Pepper
                     Mojo                                                                             Mojo


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents


Nemo Bregnowsky

Boris Virzecka
Noemi Trakewicza
Moncsy Laczkaw Gerry Ferzenico
Marcsi Bernec



Pedro Grabowsky Denis Virzichka
Katie Trakewa
Vivien Merczel Zozo Friskawe
Molly Boldrodza

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